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  • Last release: BLHTML English v0.76-a Gamma
    Publicerad for 3090 days ago den 2010-05-08 (English Installation).
Installation Requirements for Web Hosting / PC: LAMP / WAMP
  • Linux/Windows
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Php
How long does it take to install BLHTML?
It can take anywhere from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes!

Welcome to BLHTML
Take the opportunity to create database solutions directly in the web browser

Basic Local html
  • Is an interpreter, which runs through the html document. Searches for embedded BLHTML expression that is executed
  • Can safely write / read / update the database directly in html code
  • Manages databases with relationships, both read and write
  • Is adapted to visually impaired to have access to all content regardless of browser
  • It is now 51 functions in the BLHTML List
The idea of BLHTML is to create complete systems in minutes which is usually very time-consuming. But sto able to bring a personal touch without restrictions directly from the browser.
Follow BLHTML development click here.

19 January, 2017
Announcing BLL Script Contest 2017
I am proud to include 6 copy of Monkey X Studio one of the best,
if not the best programming environment for making game and application for
Desktop (Windows, Macos, Linux), Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch),
Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Flash, HTML5 and Ouya

If that was not enough the contest also include 6 copy of Cosmigo Pro Motion NG
I can say with confidence that Pro Motion NG is to this date the best Pixel Art program you can get.

Test BLL out and make a functional script that amaze us all,
and have chance to win one of the prizes in BLL Script Contest 2017
the BLL Script Contest 2017 has 20 prizes worth over $2200 + 10 Extra consolation prizes,
so make sure you check it out!

Cosmigo Pro Motion NG

20 June, 2016

12 May, 2016
”BLL is a minimalist portable Lua programming environment that using wxWidgets”
Download BLL here
Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code Local Lua
BLL is a Just-In-Time Compiler for wxWidgets,
that build Stand Alone Windows Executables
Download BLL Now BLL v1.10a Alpha 4,
is now Released: Download
build: 29186, in development: 209 days

17 February, 2010
BLHTML's syntax is developed by and from the joy of writing code.
Everything started to upload photos and easily view them with in the html code:
#3# // Displaying uploaded picture number 3

The code for the datapage is stored as records in the database and to reach them via links using letters:
#D# // Showing the link to datapage D on the current account

Gradually BLHTML gets more database-oriented and start to handle variables in html and that became part of BLHTML.
In the beginning of time variables was declared:
int% // whole numbers / int
number // real (decimal) / float
string¤ // str / text string

In my limited world view, I followed my heart and used the: ¤variable and NOT $variable

BLHTML variables differ from php variable systems.
(It makes it easier to find / debug BLHTML variable system in php code)

It is easier to access:
¤ Shift + 4 than $ Alt Gr + 4 // On a Swedish keyboard

U.S. keyboard has no ¤ key.
To write a ¤ on a non Swedish keyboard: Alt + 0164 on the number pad.
Unfamiliarity that $var means variable make BLHTML to have a lot of strange unknown characters:
#¤var[¤n]=8# // Declares ¤var[¤n] to 8

// How $variables and $strings declared now:
#$str[$n]="a little string"# // variables and strings declares now with $
The habit that $ means variable make it more easy because it requires no explanation.

I took a break, to reboot myself to remove the mass of unnecessary memory.
During this process, I bought a computer without a Swedish keyboard and to my big surprise it's only a few keyboard set that contains the ¤ (sunchar). I then wrote a function to replace all the $ to ¤ when you preview or update datapages, but after that I realized that the situation was untenable. I removed the feature, and with great sadness that I changed so BLHTML variable systems now uses $ instead of ¤. Love wins rarely over common sense!

After 10 months without BLHTML it is natural to be a bit rusty?
I was in need of a budget program and in a weak moment I thought about writing it in Spreadsheet / Excel.
I finally decided to write it in BLHTML because I can create a better report system than within Spreadsheet, and to have a reason to start coding BLHTML again! The project took just over five hours. I started by creating the table fields. I created and installed the "Fast Insert Data" Installation script from BLHTML Library with table fields. Then, I created a list of all the expenses I have to keep track on and to report and summarize each category of expenditure. I took a separate data sheet to enter "new expenditure". The form calculates the next id, current month and year automatically. With tabindex, I can tab to the field I want to start insert by hand.

After 10 months, it is natural to forget-function attributes, to see them in BLHTML's Feature List makes it easy to write code without having to remember all the attribute in your head. The advantage of BLHTML is that my small Financial software now may be on a local or online web server, where you / I can access it with just a browser.

24 March, 2009
Managing Multiple checkboxes with the help with just a data field
Just because basket has been able to handle the bits in a number to set checkboxes in a data list, since v3.
That doesn't mean that there has been finished script that managed that.
The solution was to tell basket what variable that handles check boxes.

15 October, 2008 New meeting place for Information video
New video: "Fast Insert Data"
BLHTML Showing BLHTML script "Fast Insert Data" that administering the accounts table. Shows step by step how to create a BLHTML dump containing all the information about the data account. The dump can then be moved to another BLHTML site or be used as a backup of the data account. Library contains BLHTML Dumps on finished pages and complete web solutions that you is free to use for your own website. Goes through how we customize script "Fast Insert Data" or our table "droid" and then create datapage to install the dump on our site.
Being able to manage BLHTML dumps,
allows you to create the finished web solutions without being able to write html or script BLHTML.

DR 11 September, 2008 First, real-time online strategy game developed by BLHTML. Droidrunner demonstrates BLHTML's ability to juggle data. Development has been carried out in approximately six months. Remaining is enter all the resources for 300, 500 and 700 series and to create the new environments for these new droids. Naturally, it is written directly from the web browser.

The game is free and the first round is expected to take 8 to 10 months to complete. Your task in the game is to coordinate your infrastructure so that the production works and that you try protecting your hard-working droids against aggressive players in the hash environment. Droidrunner: Start guide

8 August, 2008 News with v0.72-a
Beta begins now
BLHTML has been Alpha tested since 8 September, 2006 and is considered stable that now we now start the final test phase "beta"
to try to get rid of the last bugs before v1.00.

28 July, 2008
The best browser 2008
Opera stands almost unchallenged winner!
Opera with Firefox call AJaB-pages without blinking when the new website is renderd.
IE 6 can not display the transparent CSS sprites and IE 7 renders AJaB call so that the website jump and flashes.
IE shows not the right color shades on .png pictures.

The winning entry is Opera's new mouse gestures, which are cruelly addictive.
The Opera also has hot keys that:
Select previous / next link in the page Ctrl + up / down arrow allowing navigation without a mouse as Opera
for the moment is alone one.
Opera F4 -> Bookmarks has its advantages, to save screen space, but Opera Firefox set CSS margin on body and form.
Microsoft sto running with its own JavaScript, only for the IE.
All known bugs for BLHTML is now fixed in Opera and that we are grateful for.
Did we forget to tell you that you can dress Opera with skins?

9 July, 2008
Make your forum more personal:
Shows step by step how you set your own personal CSS to your forum posts / dataposts.
To make every post unique.

5 June, 2008
New alternative system script:
#SYSTEM[ip]         return=IP#
#READ id=198       key=ip         value=$IP#
#IF(#SYSTEM[ban]# < $value) then(#$ban=1#)#

#IF($ip)         then(#SUM value($value 1) return=value#)
                     else(#$ip=$IP# #$value=1#)


#IF($ok && !$ban)         then(#$remove_$id=on#)
                                    else(#IF(#SYSTEM[ban]# <= $value) then(#$ban=1#)#)

The increasing number script login attempts resulted in this script.
If $ban = 1 so ignores login.
This script could be modified to address other types of attacks.

9 May, 2008
Installation Guide: "Step by Step"
Shows how to create and insert a SQL dump into your MySQL database website.
ow do you download the latest software package of BLHTML and how to upload files to the web root.
How do you enter username and password for your MySQL database. How do you log in as Administrator and how to get started with the Control Panel.

You do not need to write BLHTML script to use a BLHTML website. It is more than enough to only know little html.

You are always welcome to ask questions if you have a problem!

7 May, 2008 News with v0.70-l
EDii CSS Sprite for EDii:s icons
The project to put all the icon in a single images is now implemented.
In addition to a faster load times it is now no lag at :hover
Try yourself to create your own EDii_sprite icones here.

Try it yourself and see if EDii would suit your needs.

28 April, 2008
BLHTML 5 years
Just in time to SQL Dump become html 4.01 Transitional approved,
when all the primary objectives are now completed.
Shared forums are now <table> free and is only built with <div>'s.

Development plan for 2008:
CSS sprites for EDii icons.

23 April, 2008 News with v0.70-i
Site structure
Show html structure: html.xml
<head> The data in the header writes in the:
Control Panel -> Manage your domain.
<form> Used to upload pictures in My Pictures or to use function #UPLOAD#.
<table class=ue> Datapage for the menu page top.
<table class=between> $blhtml="menu" hide / show accounts administration links, or log in box.
<td class=ichi> Datapage.
<td class=ni> Menu.
Menu page: Datapage appear under the links menu.
Control Panel -> Page to be displayed in the menu.
<table class=tsukiatari> Datapage placed at the bottom of the page's outer frame. This page is entered in: Control Panel -> Infobox in the bottom.
<td class=san> Datapage that appears left or right of website. Enables the page: Control Panel -> Page to be displayed on the right side.

<script type="text/javascript"> Is placed in the last to speed up rendering time for the browser.

The menu position sets in Control Panel -> Menu -> Menu Position.
Turn the page to align left, center or right under:
Control Panel -> Page -> Page position:
If the page is right-aligned make .san to the left of the website.

ichi ni san is one two three in Japanese.

3 March, 2008 News with v0.69-s
New opportunities with modding forum
The forum is basically a data list of custom features to handle Data list as a forum. The owner of the forum can now add fields to table forum. These fields can be used to control how the forum should work. These variables are saved automatically when entries are created or updated.
The news of this is that you can mod a already dynamic forum to be almost anything you what it to be.
Examples of a more focused forum: auktion
The forums you are doing well may be both personal and unique.
This example has been included with the field smile(int8) in the forum table. If $smile=1 then #STR type=smily# executes
// Datapage: Edit post
#DATA[smile] post=new type=checkbox class=std# Show smilys // Check Box for additional forum feature

// Datapage: Show post
#READ id=$site# // Loading all fields from current record in a shared forum
#IF($smile) then(#$smily=smily#) else(#$smily=NULL#)# // If the check box $smile, activates function #STR type=smily#
// If not $smily shall be FALSE

#STR type=$smily value=$msg blhtml=on# // Post / message is rendered.

// Datapage: Preview post
#READ field(id, user, date, up, rubric, msg, status, who, edited)#
// Reads only in the necessary fields to not load the field smile from the table Forum

26 February, 2008 News with v0.69-q
Read and write with relations to multiple databases
This example shows some of the possibilities of how you can manage multiple databases.
BLHTML2.AA is a copy of BLHTML.Artiklar that is this forum. The example reads and writes to a database / post at a time.
Basket the requirement that the first field is an indexed key field to record and store more records from the same datapage.
Example of an indexed list of data prefix See the script "Fast Insert Data" in the Script Library.
        #IF(!$choose) then(#$choose=BLHTML#)#
        #IF($choose == BLHTML)

        #DB select=$choose# // Sets the active database from radio buttons
        #IF(!$id) then(#$id=1#)#
        #IF($save) then(#BASKET#)# // Writes to the table: $blhtml_table
        #READ table=$blhtml_table value=$id# // Read post

#DB show=server#.#DB show=database#.#$blhtml_table#<br><br>

#DATA[choose] post=new type=radio value=BLHTML class=std# Artiklar
#DATA[choose] post=new type=radio value=BLHTML2 class=std# AA
#PLOPP value(Reload)#<br><br>

        #DATA[id] post=new#<br>
        #DATA[user] post=new#<br>
        #DATA[rubric] post=new#<br><br>

        #PLOPP name(save) value(Save post)#<br><br>

#DB select=BLHTML# // return to web database
$blhtml_basket=#$blhtml_basket#<br><br> // Error codes from basket

30 October, 2007
Installation scripts for several accounts
The Librarys Installation script is now capable of installing multiple account from a single BLHTML Dump. For example, the Library has enriched with a "group email Installation scripts". The installed script uses two tables. The first table handles email address list and the second table, manage copies of sent mail that may also edited from the datapage where the mails sent from. The script can also It can also include signatures to the multiple mails that can be sent. The script can be made with more tables to include the user / customer information from Table member.
Or to further develop the Forum as a mailing list.

13 September, 2007
Would you like to create data lists?
With the help of #DO# you can create advanced datalists in a instant.
Here is a simple example of how to make #DO# sort all items from
Table/account: Artiklar where "up" is set to 28:
#TIMER type=start name=do#
<div class=info>
It lists all the functions:<br>
#DO id=3 where(up=28 order by rubric) limit=100
        #READ id=3#<a href="index.php?ID=1&amp;page=A&amp;forum=Artiklar&amp;index=$id">$rubric</a>

        <div align=RIGHT><b>DO</b> list was printed out in #TIMER name=do# seconds.</div>

The result of the above DO example:
Function #DO# are no longer running in this instance due. to try to speed up the home page.

20 July, 2007
Summer holidays resulted in 25 new BLHTML flowers.
The flowers are also displayed in the asynchronous slideshow below.

2 April, 2007
previous AJaB next
Examples of asynchronous slideshow
The glory of the day makes BLHTML step out to take part of web v2.0
BLHTML Introducing AJaB (Asynchronous JavaScript and BLHTML)
Get started to today and write Asynchronous pages, read more here.
20 October, 2006 looking for people with language skills
Join in and help with your language skills and translate the project into more languages.
You can download the entire translation project: here
Project .php code is now translatable into the following languages: Svenska English Dansk
Can any language which is not listed here? Would you like to contribute your knowledge and become one of BLHTML's translator.

8 October, 2006 looking for Alpha Testers
Looking for people with AJaX (Asynkron JavaScript and XML), PHP and basic BLHTML knowledge.

8 September, 2006 Released BLHTML v0.64-a Alpha under GPL

1 July, 2006 BLHTML is now ready for release

Pages handling:
  • Full Installation of BLHTML
  • Upgrade BLHTML
  • Create SQL Dump
when ready for use.

21 June, 2006
Cryptographic puzzle
This is a thought exercise to piece the right letters, in a 10-character key designed to make the message readable.

Nyckel Jakten 20 June, 2006 Take the opportunity to decipher 8 clues in Newckel Jakten.
The Quest is an introduction of where to find information to help get started scripting BLHTML.
Try it yourself feature behind Key Hunt: Bokstavsblandaren

Web question: 17 June 2006 to 16 June 2007
Which browser do you prefer?


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