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#PIC_ADMIN# is an Admin command
Rights to use this function #PIC_ADMIN#:
  • Admin
  • Lesser admin (User can only manage egna pictures)

    • #PIC_ADMIN#:
    • Read and update the picture table which handles pictures for the account
    • returnerar $blhtml_pic_admin[+], en BLHTML array som contents value from field no (vilka pictures account innehar)
    • User with Lesser admin can only administer eget account and max skapa 20 pictures som är 200000 bytes
    • modules/admin.php
    values:  defaults:  description:
    idcurrent accountAccount for editing
    noPicture space som skall edited/raderas
    eraseerase=all, delete all pictures
    erase=on delete pic=picture (erase=on if värde or kryssruta)
    lastlast=X, lägger to/delete X amount pictures (erase=on for att radera pictures)
    sizeMax lagrings utrymme in byte pictures can vara
    widthShows pictures with width punkter bred
    heightShows pictures with height punkter hög
    altPicture name text
    titlePictures informationstext
    pictureShows standard picture no=picture
    untilHur länge pictures skall existera tos de raderas
    (Admin pictures raderas ej)
    blhtmlblhtml=on BLHTML executes until

    // Add 5 pictureslot on account 150 that can store pictures that is 200000 bytes
    #PIC_ADMIN id=150 last=5 size=200000 until(#GETDATE year=1#) blhtml=on#

    #PIC_ADMIN no=1 picture=54#
    // Erase uploaded picture (if any) and set free picture no to 54

    Adderar 5 picture lagringsplatser on account 150 som can lagra pictures som är max 200000 byte stora

    More information:
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