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#COPY_PAGE# is an admin, database function
Rights to use this function #COPY_PAGE#:
  • User can skriva to sina egna account
  • Admin can skriva to all accounts
  • Vanguards can skriva to all 100 to 199 account

    • #COPY_PAGE#:
    • Copy existing datapage to a new destinations datapage.
    • Eventuell information skrivs över on destinations datapage.
    • Property variables skriver över ursprungs datapage information if värde.
    • If ingen ursprungs page används only property variables.
    • If ingen ursprungs page and inga property variables anges skrivs en tom page (Page raderas)
    values:  defaults:  description:
    idcurrent accountAccount datapage som skall copyings to (user only eget konto)
    pagePage som skall skrivas
    source_idcurrent accountAccount datapage som skall copyings befinner sig i
    source_pagePage som skall copyings
    Sid information:
    rubric$rubricThe page's rubric
    msg$msghtml page
    info$infoinfotext for page
    seek$seekPages sökord
    page_data$page_dataPages included variables
    Sid data:
    db_page$db_pagePage är datapages: Insert in Database page
    top_page$top_pageTop page (Show page överst)
    page_paper$page_paperPages background color
    page_pic$page_picPages background picture
    värde  bit  Function
    10Page aktiv
    21Dölj page for user
    42Show in the menu
    164Members can see page
    325Guests can see page

    Page måste vara aktiv + synlig for medlämmar or guests for to shows.

    border_type$border_typeTyp of ram (1 to 9) 1=ingen ram
    border_paper$border_paperFärg on sidram
    border_left$border_leftVänstra ramens width in punkter
    border_top$border_topÖvre ramens width in punkter
    border_right$border_rightHögra ramens width in punkter
    border_bottom$border_bottomNedersta ramens width in punkter

    #SYSTEM[whoami] return=id# // Sätter $id=#SYSTEM[whoami]#
    #$rubric(Writes egen rubric)# // Writes denna rubric oavsett vad page E:s rubric är

    #PAGE_ADMIN id=$id page=D#
    #COPY_PAGE  id=$id page=D source_page=E#

    #PAGE_ADMIN# If datapage not contains creates datapage #D#
    #COPY_PAGE# Writes if logon users #D# page from datapage E from konto som the script runs from

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