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#[A-Z]# is an independent function
Rights to use the function #[A-Z]#:
  • Anyone can create hyperlinks to any domain account

  • #[A-Z]# Function consists only of one letter and displays a hyperlink to the accounts datapage.
    The linkname is the datapage rubric.
    Forum puts #SYSTEM[forum]# to "1", it puts id = Current users
    For users to be able to show their own links from the Forum.

    values:  defaults:  description:
    idcurrent accountView image from account id
    typeeditEdit datapage
    valueThe page's rubricvalue sets occasional new title / text link on hyperlink
    dataInclude variablesInclude variables
    tabindexSets the URL object's tabindex
    showshow=text show datapage rubric as text
    show=url return datapage url address
    blhtmlblhtml=on BLHTML executes rubric
    returnreturn=variable Stores result in $variable

    #A# // Showing hyperlink for the datapage A from current account
    #G id=200# // Showing hyperlink for the datapage G from account 200

    Example: rubric, show
    #A id=1 value(Return to home page)#<br>
    // Showing Hyperlink to HOME, datapage A from account 1 and sets a new title: "Return to home page"

    #A id=1 show=url#<br>
    #A id=1 show=text#

    Return to home page

    More information:
  • datapage
  • #[1-...]# View images related to the account
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