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#PLOPP# is an independent function
Rights to use this function #PLOPP#:

  • #PLOPP# Create the page default button from current CSS and use to submit form

    values:    defaults:    description:
    idName on html id objects
    nameName on button
    typesubmit<input type>
    valuenameButton text
    titleonmouseover information text
    widthButton width
    heightButton height
    pictureBackground image from images/dir/pic.png
    onclickEvent: when clicking button
    onmouseoverEvent: when mouse over button
    onmouseoutEvent: when mouse leave button
    blhtmlblhtml=on BLHTML executes value
    butclass$blhtml_inpCSS class for normal button, if no value set butclass=inp
    butonclass$blhtml_inp_onCSS class for activated button, if no value set butonclass=inp_on

    #PLOPP value="Button Text" title="Click me!"#
    #PLOPP name=objectname value(Button Text) butclas=L-inp butonclas=L-inp_on#

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