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#DATA[variable] post=new#

#DATA[variable] post new# Create a html input element for editing variable. If value is stored in the data account table as a string (str) then object be a <input>. If it's a text or that cols is more than 1 then a <textarea> is created.

Attributes associated with post=new:
attributes:  contents:  description:
valueTo set fixed value
If no value, then value is contents of the variable
typetexthtml <input> type
readonly<input> field can only showing data
maxlengthMax amount characters <input> can contain
classCSS class on object
bittype=checkbox can use one bit
colsThe width on object
rowsThe height on <textarea>
sizecolsThe width on <input> field
inkThe textcolor for the object
paperThe papercolor for the object

Example on creating editing field:
#DATA[string] post=new rows=20 maxLength=12 class=tema#
        Create one editing field with max 12 characters for inputing into #DATA[str]#
        where the width is 20 characters and appearance is set with CSS style

#DATA[lockedfield] post=new readonly=true paper=FF00FF ink=FFFF00#
// This field is read only (can not be changed) and have a pink background with yellow text

#DATA[chbox] post=new prefix=id type=checkbox paper=FFFF00#
        prefix=id indicates that the element is part of a datalist and can be printed out with
        #ECHO# and the key for the table is id
        type=checkbox sets object to a checkbox
        Element's papercolor / background is painted with paper=FFFF00 (that is yellow).

Dropdown example:
Dropdown exemple:
#DATA[dropper1] post=new type=dropdown value=(this is an string 'with many word')#

Dropdown exemple:

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