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The code for BLHTML is currently writen in Swedish.
.php the code can for be translated to:
  • Swedish
  • English
  • Danish
With the module: modules/translate.php
translate.php is called with function: #TRANSLATE#

#TRANSLATE# is a System Admin module function.
Rights to use this function #TRANSLATE#:
  • Admin accounts 1 - 99

  • values:    defaults:  description:
    idcurrent accountTable contains the translation data
    fromenglishLanguage that BLHTML shall translate from
    tosvenskaLanguage BLHTML shall translate to

    #TRANSLATE# update following files:
    file:  file:  description:
    1index.phpStart page of the website
    2download.phpCalls when #DOWNLOAD# is executed. Handle download objects
    3BLHTMLcmd.php#$blhtml_cmd# Call funktion from $variables send by the form
    4basket.phpWrites to tables
    5forum.phpManage forums calls
    6functions.phpBLHTML basic functions
    7BLH.phpBLHTML Interpreter
    8BLHmin.phpBLHTML Admin functions
    9ed.phpEdit page
    11d1237ah.phpAccount Admin
    12layout.phpControl Panel
    13ldb.phpManage data account
    14tools.phpMy Pictures, functions: Manage data account
    15help.phpHelp information and help section

    You need file write rights to update these files.
    Markera all .php files in the webroot and set temporary file attributes to: 777
    # chmod 777 *.php

    Then run #TRANSLATE# for translating to the language you wish.

    #TRANSLATE id=108 from=svenska to=english#

    Translates all files 1 - 14 from Swedish to English and using translation data from table 108.

    Do not forget to bring back the file rights to: 644
    # chmod 644 *.php

    More information:
  • File structure
  • Translation script
  • Translations project
  •   Translation script 2143 1
    Script version: v1.10

    Script delete data accounts table!

    Logon and download translate.php here and then save file in modules/translate.php
    To run this script.

    This script translate BLHTML .php code to other languages.

    Available languages:

    language:Translated by:
    SvenskaMartin Andersson
    EnglishMartin Andersson, Philip Nielsen
    DanskPhilip Nielsen
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