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Script version: v1.10

Script delete data accounts table!

Logon and download translate.php here and then save file in modules/translate.php
To run this script.

This script translate BLHTML .php code to other languages.

Available languages:

language:Translated by:
SvenskaMartin Andersson
EnglishMartin Andersson, Philip Nielsen
DanskPhilip Nielsen
  Insert new språk 1188 0
Step 1:
Copy the script and klistra in the script in textrutan for Account administration script i Manage data account and press the button Run script

Step 2:
Lägg to new field under Manage data account. Namege field to det språket you vill insert, on landets eget språk.

Step 3:
Edit page #D# Write post:
<td>#DATA[dansk] post=new prefix=id cols=40#</td>

<td>#DATA[stockholmska] post=new prefix=id cols=40#</td>
Save datapage.

Step 4:
Klicka on menulink: Språk table for att börja insert det nya språket.
När you skrivit in or change field, press the button Update posts for att save informationen you insert.

Step 5:
När you har matat in all fielden in table:
Create a Library script under:
Manage data account -> Account administration script:
Kryssa ur: Fast INSERT
Kryssa i: auto_increment for Detect INSERT and Create biblioteks script
Press the button Create script.
Press the ikonen: Reply to create a new post där you can lämna/bidra with det nya språket here.
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