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#SET_CATCH_PAGE# is a database function

Rights to use this function #SET_CATCH_PAGE#:
  • Data manager

  • #SET_CATCH_PAGE# set return / catch page and basket/forum variables.

    Page management variables:
  • $ID
  • $page
  • $site
  • $sheet

  • basket variables:
  • $blhtml_table
  • $blhtml_erase

  • Forum variables:
  • $forum
  • $sort

  • values:  defaults:  description:
    idcurrent accountSätter $ID, retur table id
    page$pageSätter $page, retur databad
    tableSätter $blhtml_table, table som skall administreras
    keyKey FieldSätter field som skall agera key field
    eraseSätter $blhtml_erase som delete post/er

    forumSätter $forum
    siteSätter $site
    sheetSätter $sheet
    sortSätter $sort (Sätter sorteringsordning in delade forum)

    Example, att returnera to nuvarande page:

    Example, att returnera to nuvarande page and sätta basket variables:
    #SET_CATCH_PAGE table=data account erase=delete#

    Example, datapage skickas to basket returneras to new page in samma table:
    #SET_CATCH_PAGE page=H table=data account#

    Call ett virtuellt forum:
    #SET_CATCH_PAGE forum=User sort( DESC)#
    #ECHO id=34 page=A limit=1 always=true#

    More information:
  • #BASKET#
  • basket
  • Radera post/er
  • BLHTML forum  

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