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BLHTML functions är sorterade efter följande kategorier:

bit  Kategori:description:
-Admin accountsOnly account 1 to 99
0AdminAdministrations functions for att administer account
1Lesser AdminAdmin with begränsningar in size and amount
2FreedomBLHTML tolken censurerar ej html code
3Free graphics page  User can skapa en egen top/menu page
4Data managerFunctions som manage databasen
-AllFunctions all can använda

Sätta accounts rights görs under Account Admin -> Rights
The rights (bitarna) saves in field status in table member.

När BLHTML function executes kontrolleras användarkontots rights att utfora function.
If account inte innehar rights runs inte kommandot.
  Admin accounts 1438 0
funktion:  Short description:
DBSelects the active database and displays information about SQL server
SQLGETMake SQL questions
  Admin 1452 0
funktion:  Short description:
FIELDCounts / sum field from table
MEMBER_ADMINRead and write table member who handles accounts information
PAGE_ADMINPage Manager show and manage the datapage table
PIC_ADMINRead and update the picture table which handles pictures for the account
SENDMAILSending internal and external email
  Data manager 1608 0
funktion:  Short description:
ATTRIBSet forum post rights, Forum Admin
COUNTCLICKSummarizes the number of clicks a link been clicked
DATAPut $variables in html objects
ECHOManage and write datapages
EDiiBLHTML and html texteditor in the Web browser
FIELDCounts / sum field from table
FIELDMINFält Administration, insert, update and delete field in a table
FORUMShows iconerna: edit, reply quote and kill
INDEXDisplaying forum post $id value, Forum admins only
INSERTInserts data in the current accounts table
NEWPOSTShowing the new messages posted in the forum while the user was logged off
READRead field from one record from a table / data account
REPLYReply forums current index post
RESETForum admin can recalculate / showing the sum of all post in the Forum
RUBRICIs the rubric / title of the forum
SET_CATCH_PAGESets the hidden html variables for return datapage, basket and forums variables
SLINKLinks the posts contence in the forum as a copy
TREEEnlarge / collapse forum post threads (show post contents or not), Forum Admin
WHOEDWho can edit / delete entries in the Forum
WRITEMAILShowing mail link to $user

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  •   BASIC 1680 0
    funktion:  Short description:
    Tömmer sid data
    DATAPut $variables in html objects
    DATECurrent time format
    Manage and write datapages
    GETDATECounts date basis now
    Memorize the current program position, move the program pointer to variable GOSUB
    Move the program pointer to variable GOTO
    Halt active datapage
    PLOPPCreate the page default button
    Return the program pointer to the previous GOSUB
    Sets the hidden html variables for return datapage, basket and forums variables
    STRString handler control strings
    SUMNumber handler counting numbers and $variables
    SYSTEMSYSTEM variables

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  •   All 1370 0
    funktion:  Short description:
    COPY_PAGECopies or write new text document to datapage
    DOWNLOADDownload file
    PICShowing images from: images/
    PRINTPrints the website standardized headings
    SCOREShows besökere to the website
    TEXTAREATEXTAREA som can användas in #EDii#
    UPLOADUpload file
    WHENPrints time format
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