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#[1-...]# is an independent function
The rights to use the function #[1-...]#:
  • Users can only view pictures from his own account
  • Admin / Vanguard accounts. Admin, lesser admin, freedom can display images from other account.

  • #[1-...]# Showing images from account Forum puts #SYSTEM[forum]# to "1". It puts id = Current users
    For users to show their own images.
    Attributes: width, height, alt, title gets the information set in My Pictures

    values:  defaults:  description:
    idcurrent accountView image from account id
    widthpull / compresses the image width to the pixel width
    heightpull / compress the image height to the pixel height
    border0Picture frame thickness
    altalt displayed when the image is not loaded or if images is set to be displayed as text
    titletitle is informationstext when the mouse is over object
    showshow=url shows the image url address
    returnreturn=variable stores the results in $variable

    #1# // Showing image 1 from current account
    #5 id=1# // Displaying image number 5 from account 1

    #42 width=400 alt(New alt text) title(Informations text for mouseover the picture)#
    // Displays image number 42 from the current account, drags / compress the image to 400 pixels, forces on new alt and title value

    More information:
  • Manage pictures
  • My Pictures
  • #PIC# Showing images from: images/
  • #[A-Z]# Showing hyperlink to accounts datapage
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