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v0.75-a 100417 Bugfix, BLHTML-dump:
Wrapped $ has changed from |$|, |$1| to |%|, |%1|

v0.75-b 100418 Bugfix and trimmed PHP Code for: #FORUM#
// If $reply is set to "off" before the forum is called
Shown now only: Reply Reply Quoting this Message for administrators of adminpages.

v0.75-c 100419 trimmed PHP Code and standardize BLHTML control variables
for edit / preview and save forum posts:
old $name$actionNew $variable namedescription:
$Egaedit$blhtml_forum_edit_preview// "edit" Preview post in forum
$Ese$blhtml_forum_edit_save// "edit" Update post in forum
$Rgaquip$blhtml_forum_new_preview// Preview new forum post
$Rsereply$blhtml_forum_new_save// Save new forum post

v0.75-d 100426 Function update: #REPLY# #TREE# #ATTRIB# #WHOED# #RUBRIC# #FORUM#
If no line is no line in the URL.
If logged in as Admin includes blhtml_su in the URL.

v0.75-e 100428 Function update: #ECHO#
#ECHO show=source return=string#

// show=source show only the datapage as a text string
// return saves datapage in a string

v0.75-f 100504 Bugfix: Control Panel now delete the old CSS file when saving Layout.
Bugfix: Manage data account -> Run script: save the correct file and
the temp file saves temporarily in HOME/ directory.
Bugfix: If #PIC no# sets now #[1-...]# all the attributes and rights.

v0.75-g 100507 Bugfix: #IF# again!
IF-case look now infinite until && to || or \0

Tried to replace the switch-case:
        case "==": if("$vle[0]" == "$vle[2]") $ce = 1; break;
        case "!=":  if("$vle[0]" != "$vle[2]")  $ce = 1; break;
        case "<=": if("$vle[0]" <= "$vle[2]") $ce = 1; break;
        case ">=": if("$vle[0]" >= "$vle[2]") $ce = 1; break;
        case "<":   if("$vle[0]" < "$vle[2]")   $ce = 1; break;
        case ">":   if("$vle[0]" > "$vle[2]")   $ce = 1; break;

with eval():
$if = (!$opr && !$vle[2]) ? "\$vle[0]" : "\$vle[0] $opr \$vle[2]"; // $if is a variable
eval("if($if) \$ce = 1;");
Please send your answer, if you see what is wrong with eval()!
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