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Hyper Text Markup Language

  ISO 8859-1 code 936 0
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<hr width="80%">

<hr width="60%">

<input type=checkbox value=checkbox>
<input type=radio value=radio>

<input type=hidden name=var value="set variable to next form"> $var="set variable to next form"

<input class=txtbox type=text value=text>

<input class=txtbox type=password value=password>

<input type=button value=button>

  1. <li>one</li>
  2. <li>two</li>
  3. <li>tree</li>

<ul type=disc>
  • <li>disc</li>
  • <li>disc</li>
  • <li>disc</li>
</ul> <ul type=circle>
  • <li>circle</li>
  • <li>circle</li>
  • <li>circle</li>
</ul> <ul type=square>
  • <li>square</li>
  • <li>square</li>
  • <li>square</li>
</ul> <marquee>marquee</marquee>
function showsum($x, $y)
	echo "the sum of $x + $y = ". $x + $y;
<br> Break Row
  html Elements 924 0
<! -->
<h1> through <h6>
<input type=button>
<input type=checkbox>
<input type=file>
<input type=hidden>
<input type=image>
<input type=password>
<input type=radio>
<input type=reset>
<input type=submit>
<input type=text>
<s> and <strike>
Comments and server-side include
Starting an html page
Create an hyperlink or anchor
Displaying abbreviations
Displaying acronyms
Displaying an address
Embedding applets in web page
Create clickable regions in image maps
Create bold text
Setting the base for hyperlinks
Setting the base font
Overriding the bidirectional character algorithm
Adding background sound
Create big text
Making text blink
Indenting quotations
Create a web page body
Inserting line breaks
Create a customizable button
Create a table caption
Centering text
Creating citation
Displaying program code
Defining a column
Grouping and formating columns
Creating definition list definitions
Displaying text as deleted
Defining new terms
Deprecated list
Formatting block text
Creating definition list
Creating definition list terms
Emphasizing text
Embedding multimedia and plug-ins in web page
Grouping form elements
Specifying font
Creating html forms
Creating frames
Containing frames
Creating web page headings
Creating a web page's head
Creating horizontal rules
Starting an html page
Creating italic text
Creating inline or floating frames
Creating inline layers
Adding an image to web page
Creating buttons
Creating check boxes
Creating file input for a form
Creating hidden data
Creating image submit buttons
Creating password controls
Creating radio buttons
Creating reset buttons
Creating submit buttons
Creating text fields
Displaying inserted text
Using an index
Dispalying text the user is to type
Processing secure transactions
Labeling form elements
Arranging text in layers
Creating a legend for form elements
Creating list items
Setting link information
Creating client-side image maps
Displaying text in a scrolling marquee
Deprecated list
Giving more information about your web page
Creating columns
Avoiding line breaks
Handling browsers that dont handle embedding
Handling browsers that dont handle layers
Handling browsers that dont handle JavaScript
Placing an object into a web page
Creating ordered lists
Creating a select control item group
Creating a select control item
Creating paragraphs
Specifying a parameter
Displaying preformatted text
Displaying short quotations
Creating ruby text
Creating rubies
Striking text out
Displaying sample program output
Creating a script
Creating a select control
Running server-side JavaScript
Creating small text
Controlling horizontal and vertical spacing
Formating inline text
Strongly emphasizing text
Using embedded style sheets
Creating subscripts
Creating superscripts
Creating table
Creating a table body when grouping rows
Creating table data
Creating text areas
Creating a table foot when grouping rows
Creating table headings
Creating a table head when grouping rows
Giving a web page a tittle
Creating a table row
Creating "teletype" text
Underlining text
Creating unordered lists
Displaying program variables and arguments
Allowing word breaks
Accessing XML data with an XML data island
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