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Page A:
#$forum=tablename# // You only need to set $forum if the forum is shown by #ECHO#
#ECHO page=C show=forum limit=10#
  • site sets forum page
  • #ECHO# Writes the page C with the following attributes:
    page=C contains the layout of the post
    show=forum type of list management
    limit=10 is the maximum number of post that can be displayed.
Page C:
<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>
        <td width=20><font size=1>#$id#</font></td>
  • #READ# reads all the field in current forum post
  • table print out 2 field: id and field from current account.
  Forums functions 1018 0
Functions that are used with Forum:
funktion:  Short description:
ATTRIBSet forum post rights, Forum Admin
DATAPut $variables in html objects
ECHOManage and print out datapages
EDiiBLHTML html texteditor in the Web browser
FORUMDisplaying icons: edit, reply, quote and delete post
INDEXDisplaying forum post $id value, Forum admins only
NEWPOSTShowing the new messages posted in the forum while the user was logged off
READRead fields from one post in a table / data account
REPLYReply forums current index post
RUBRICThe rubric / title of the forum posts
SET_CATCH_PAGESets the hidden html variables for return datapage, basket and forums variables
SLINKLinks the posts contence in the forum as a copy
TREEEnlarge / collapse forum post threads (show post contents or not), forumadmins
WHOEDWho can edit / delete entries in the Forum
WRITEMAILShowing mail link to $user
  • Bold Selected links are essential functions
  • Italic links are forum-related functions
  Forum tips 1010 0
To break a forum topic tree index:
Sometimes the tree structure may become too long and to restart the tree view move a post with lower key id than the current post. The post with a younger / lower key id is then the first post in the tree structure. To move a post can be made with Insert in Database.
  Forum variables 1172 2
Name  description:
$IDAccount for databas
$pageShow datapage
$forumForum table
$siteAccount forum skrivs ut from
$sheetPage forum skrivs ut from
$linePossition in post-list som show last
$quoteCittera post; $quote=$id/$index
$actionFunction som skall utforas

Example: Calling gemensamt forum

#ECHO id=34 page=A limit=1

More information:
  • #REPLY# Shows Brevicon if rättigherer att answer post
  • #ATTRIB# Sätter vem som får read / write forumspost.
  • #TREE#, Sätter forumpost visningsläge on/av
  • #WHOED# Vem som får redigera forumpost
  • #SET_CATCH_PAGE# Sätter all forumsvariables
  •   speed 1330 0
    #DATA[speed]# is a string that can disable the forum admin commands to speed forum up .

    $speed can be set to high Then ignore following forum admin commands:
  • #ATTRIB#
  • #TREE#
  • #WHOED#

  • Example on set #DATA[speed]#
    #ECHO show=forum#

    More information:
  • Working with Forum
  • #DATA#
  •   status 1088 0
    Posters rights in a forum #DATA[status]#:

    Admin Write Member Read Guest nothing
    Admin Write Member Read Guest Read
    Member Write Guest nothing
    Member Write Guest Read
    All Spectators can write
    Member nothing Guest Read
    Indicates that the post is an email
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