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#ATTRIB# is a forum admin command
Rights to use this function #ATTRIB#:
  • Users who are forum owners with Data Manager (only current account)
  • Vanguards with administer: "Admin forum" all accounts

  • Only Admin, vanguards and Forum Administrator can see post #ATTRIB#

    #ATTRIB# Set forum post rights
    who can read / write forum posts.
  • Sets the field value status in the forum tables.

  • icon:  status:  description:
    Only Admin can see and edit0Only Admin can see and edit
    Admin Write Member Read Guest Nothing1Admin Write Member Read Guest Nothing
    Admin Write Member and Guest Read2Admin Write Member and Guest Read
    Member Write Guest Nothing3Member Write Guest Nothing
    Member Write Guest Read4Member Write Guest Read
    Public all Write5All Spectators can write
    Guest Read Member Nothing6Member nothing Guest Read

    #ATTRIB# sets attributes: status in the forum table

    More information:
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