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#ECHO# is a forum admin command
Rights to use this function #ECHO#:
  • Data manager

  • #ECHO# Print out contents from one or more datapages and can contain data from one or more data account / table.
    In order to show a datapage, the page must be active

    NOTE as Admin you also see inactive datapages. A checkbox in the editing mode can be set so that all or only members can see the datapage.

    values:    defaults:    description:
    idcurrent accountPage from account / table
    pageBPage to be print out
    showpageDatapage that print out the list
    infoPrint out page information
    forumDatapage print out as a forum list
    dataPrint out datapage as a list with information from a table
    mailCreate a list where who = user only can see the result from datapage
    sourceReturn datapage as a string
    limitNumber of times the datapage to be print out
    whereCreate datalist from SQL where-case and print out as page=data
    rndfalsetrue or false if randomize datalist
    topData representing the page title and information on forums / datalist columns. Write between forum tree and forum posts. Use with:
    show=forum or show=data
    bottomPage that end forum / datalist
    Use with:
    show=forum or show=data
    preview«PreviousName on goto previous page in the data / forum list
    nextNext»Name on goto next page in the data / forum list
    inkSets the font color on forums path
    dirtrueDisplays the path above the forum
    falseShowing no path above the forum
    size1Sets the font size on-forum path
    locate2Possition for Indexing 0 left, 1 center, 2 for right
    br0How many line breaks to indexing
    rights0Only Admin has right to page
    1Members page. You must be logged in to see page
    2Full page view. Page is Public
    alwaystruePage show, even if not activated
    falseNot activated page is not displayed
    link_class$link_classCSS-class on forum tree and pagelinks for preview and next
    link_data$link_dataadditional variables to be added together with the link addresses
    returnreturn=variable stores the results in $variable

    Example on #ECHO#
    #ECHO# // Print out datapage B from current account / table

    #ECHO id=8 page=D# // Print out datapage D from data account / table 8

    #ECHO id=4 page=E view=info always=true# // Print out information from datapage E even if the datapage is not active

    #ECHO id=2 page=C limit=1 where(group=2) rnd=true#
    // Print out datapage C from data account / table 2. Randomize 1 post where group = 2

    #ECHO page=F where(grupp=1) rnd=true#
    // All posts where field group = 1" randomize and print out the result on datapage F

    #ECHO where(color=yellow order by date)#
    // All posts where field color = "yellow" sorted in order of the field date

    Example #ECHO show=source return=string#
    Soursecode for the top-page on #SYSTEM[name]#:<br>
    // The sorcecode for the datapage C on data account 1 saves in the variable: $P
    #ECHO id=1 page=C show=source always=true limit=1 return=P#

    #TEXTAREA paper=FFF rows=12 wrap=off##$P##/TEXTAREA#
    // Print out code from datapage in a <textarea>

    Soursecode for the top-page on

    More information:
  • Working with Forum
  • #DO#
  • #READ#
  •   forum 1402 0
    #ECHO show=forum# presents data as forum posts.

    #PRINT size=7 value(Vårat Forum)#

            id=4 page=C show=forum limit=10
            rights=2 always=true

    The Forum is located in data account 4 and printing out post in datapage C. show=forum Allows data from the database are treated as a forum. We show up to 10 items before indexing displayed. Everyone looks to the forum rights=2. always=true Show forum even if datapage C is not activated.

    Datapage C read post data using function: #READ#

    More information:
  • #ECHO#
  • locate, br
  •   br 1482 0
    #ECHO br# is a value to:
  • forum
  • data
  • mail

  • br moving indexing <br> rows down. By default is br=0 and indexing move down 0 rows down.

    Example on #ECHO br#
    #ECHO show=data br=2# // Writes the indexing two rows down under the datalist

    More information:
  • #ECHO#
  • locate
  •   locate 1408 0
    #ECHO locate# is a value in:
  • forum
  • data
  • mail

  • values:  defaults:  description:
    locate0Left align of indexing
    1Indexing is centered
    2Align right of indexing

    Example on #ECHO locate#
    #ECHO show=data locate=1# // Writes centered indexing

    More information:
  • #ECHO#
  • br
  •   data 1459 0
    #ECHO show=data# shows data lists.
    To write one #ECHO limit=1# or all datapages #ECHO# not needed show=data! show=data Used when the number of posts that show is unknown. If we have two posts and use #ECHO limit=10# print datapage out 10 times not 2 as we're asking. To print out 2 datapages up to 10 we write #ECHO show=data limit=10#

    More information:
  • #ECHO#
  • locate, br
  • where
  •   where 1408 0
    #ECHO where# used with:
  • forum
  • data

  • where is part of an SQL-query asked along with the SELECT-case:
    SELECT keyfield from table where #DATA[where]#

    Example on #ECHO where#
    #ECHO page=C where(year=2005 order by date) always=true#

            Datapage C from current dataaccount / table printed out as a datalist,
            posts sorted after date field where field year = 2005.
            List print out even if datapage C is not activated.

    More information:
  • #DATA#
  • BLHTML forum  

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