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  •   Posted: 2008-07-09 15:28 of Martin edited: 2008-07-09 19:36 
This example help you add style to field in your forum table.
The style field is going to handle the CSS-style so yourself can CSS style your own post,in posts editing mode.

If you use a shared forum then edit account: [10]-Forum datapage!

Step 1:
Add field: "style" in your forum table:

#FIELDMIN name(style) type=str len=128#

Step 2:
Edit; #D# Edit Page:
// If Admin or forums owner show extra Style field
#IF(#SYSTEM[su]# || $forum == $whoami)
        #DATA[style] post=new#<br>
// If you delete the IF-case then even members can set there own CSS for there own forums post.

Example on the extra field in edit forum posts:


Delete textbox to restore the background.

Alternative background example:

Highlight the entire textbox and copying and paste the above CSS
into style-textbox and press the button: "Update style"
to update the new post style.
You can also edit the style-textbox manually.

Step 3:
Edit; #C# Show Post:

Add to "#IF($style) then( style="$style")#" in <div class=post>
<div class=post#IF($style) then( style="$style")#>

Example on your own style for the forums post:
How you set CSS
in order to change appearance on
each of your forum posts...

With a little imagination and a little scripting knowledge you can let your members themselves select static CSS layout templates.
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