Install BLHTML v0.76-a Gamma

Installation Requirements for BLHTML: LAMP / WAMP
  • Linux/Windows
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Php
Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:
  • Enter your MySQL user data in file: system/boot.php:
    (Your user information to your MySQL database is operated by your web hosting)
    $secure[1] = array
    => "mysql",
    => "localhost",
    => "database",
    => "Admin",
    => "password"
  • Save system/boot.php and upload using FTP
  • Determine if server should be localhost or domainname.mysql
Step 4:
  • Enter your URL in a browser and login
    with the user information you entered when you create your SQL dump.

    Take the time to fill out the information you find important in the Control Panel

  • For additional help with Installation, see: FAQ. You can also ask questions there!

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