Setting up the MySQL
For BLHTML to run, you need a MySQL user,
who has rights over the database, that you insert in your SQL_dump to.

Please enter the following information to create your scripts:
  • MySQL user name and password
  • Name of the database

  • Then press the Create MySQL script button to create your MySQL script

MySQL username and password are sensitive to UPPER and lower case and can only have alphanumeric characters.

MySQL users:
Database Name:

MySQL Server:
Web server calls the MySQL server from system/boot.php
Example: localhost, IP, domain or domain.mysql
NOTE: How do I connect to an external MySQL database?

The client (web server):
Provides rights to MySQL administer from this computer.
By default, the client is set to localhost
(MySQL and the web root is on the same server / computer)
If MySQL server is not local: print IP or domain or when 3306 is the default port for mysql.
Wildcard * allows you to log in from any IP addresses

* Marked fields must be completed to MySQL script to work.
NOTE: You can change the user information once you have created the script.

MySQL script:

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