Create SQL dump
Here you can create a new database for a new BLHTML site.

Please enter the following information to create your SQL dump:
  • Name of the website. Example: Domain name or Site name
  • Admin account, will be the first site's data account "home page"
    (name can be displayed on the page's visitors)
  • Password, the password for your Admin account
  • Admin's email is normally or
    (You need to have a functioning email address)

  • Then press the Create SQL dump to create your personal SQL dump
Administrator account name and password are sensitive to UPPER and lower case and can only have alphanumeric characters a-z, A-Z and underscores _

Name of site:
Admin account:
Admin's email:

* You need to write all marked field for the SQL dump to work.
You can change or remove the password once you have started your BLHTML site.

SQL Dump:

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