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”If I realize my dream, I will have no regrets in life”
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Martin Who is Martin Andersson?
OK, here is a short description about the nerd:
The first computer I touched: Esselte 100, they don't make keyboard like that today!
My first computer: sinclair QL, all my friends had VIC64 so I was not popular!
I feel blessed that I grew up with my sinclair QL
I grew up in Boge, Gotland, Sweden, I am now living in Tacloban, Philippines,
it doesn't matter where I live as long I have internet!
I am married, and have a Street dog
I am the father to one son Theodor and two little girls, Ayesha Mae and Astrid
I use be a computer science teacher in Komvux, Kvalificerad yrkesutbildning KY,
Uppsala High School and Märlardalens College.
I have severe dyslexia, so if my spelling offend anyone I apologize for that!
I am the creator of BLHTML databases Manager
I am a really a Lua noob, but I am fascinated on what you can do with it!
I got my editor inspiration from KATE
I made the BLHTML/BLL graphics and icons with: ArtGem
I am looking forward to Monkey2 the successor of BlitzMax
I always believe that I ended up with Microsoft Visual C#
It's like Photo Shop; the one, the most people is using is not necessarily the best!
I am addicted to coffee
Enough about me, no more space!
End Def Martin Andersson

This is my story about BLL, a script language in a texteditor
the Story started when Super Typhoon Yolanda destroyed our house.
According to UN officials, about 11 million people have been affected – many have been left homeless.
Our Family seek refugee in Manila, my dauther get sick and my father died.
But while there I had nothing to do and I buy Humble Weekly Bundle: Multimedia Fusion 2!
I ended up by buying Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5 without thinking.
I give up trying make a script text editor to my mapeditor, because it could not do what i wanted!
After 3 month writing on the mapeditor I get frustrate again.
Clickteam Fusion is fast start making a concept, but it has no code. Because it can't reuse the code is a dealbreaker for me!
If a function or something is not implemented I am in the grace of the maker,
that they going to include that in the next patch/update!
In the end I could not take it anymore, I wanted anything that had real code that I could touch and copy.

In my youth
I write a game in Microsoft QBasic, later QuickBASIC I ended up make a pixelediting program and a mapeditor,
after 3 year my i386 game was ready for the museum! (QuickBASIC is forever in my heart)
After that I start write in Borland C/C++ v3.0, but it never get into my heart as QuickBASIC did.


So I start looking for a modern QuickBASIC that I could Love
I found many BASIC-ish programming environment. I even found QB64, but Love alone is not enough for me today!
And then I found one that was shining brighter than the rest: Monkey X
I Downloaded the free trial, but ended up buying BlitzMax the older brother to Monkey X.


It was only texteditor in my mind
I never tested any graphical library/mods to BlitzMax. I was 100% into start making a texteditor,
After 1 month I abandoned maxgui.mod and start use “Brucey” wx.mod
For me MaxMods is one of the biggest reason why old BlitzMax is still alive.
People that want to make game is emigrating away to Monkey X
I been fascinating over Lua for a while and in my world of thinking I wanted to make a script editor
My problem is that I don't know my limits, and keep making project way to big for me.
But now 200 day later I try release BLL, it's still not halfway done,
but it's significantly smaller than the BLHTML project that took more than 6 year of my life.

Bruce A. “Brucey” Henderson more or less single handed continue make BlitzMax, the best development platform
you can get. He is still developing hes modules so BlitzMax getting better every single day!
“Brucey” manage to upgrade hes MaxMods to use TDM MinGW 64bit 5.1.0-2, I can't describe how incredibly I think that is!
For me it took 3 days to only build all the new modules with TDM MinGW 64bit 5.1.0-2
I only manage to build it because Henri helped me!
Finally I could compile my BLL project with real error that I could understand and touch!
With the new build I could not get the BASS Library to work again.
You can download the last working BASS.bll example here, BASS.bll is now my main music player.

My goal with BLL is the same as BLHTML to make it simple, visualize it in your head and you should be able to do it.
I think I manage to do just that, EDii.bll is a scintilla text editor example with 716 Lines of BLL code.
That is more or less the size of a html page, not a size of a web site!


The problem I face today is the same as what Clickteam Fusion has.
If a function or something is not implemented the user is in the grace that I am going to include that in the next patch/update
I know already how anybody going to feel in that situation already!
That is the main reason why I don't want to release BLL, but one day I need to be courageous and do it anyway!

BlitzMax is now open source! If you want to make Windows/Linux/Macintosh Applications with wxWidgets without any limitations?
Get your free copy of BlitzMax here
I think, I more or less was the last person to have the honor to buy BlitzMax

the Future
I start getting old, and my body start falling apart, so realistically I don't think I live more than 20 years!
So my thinking is when I done cleaning the code.
I am going to release BLL as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License
So if someone like fork the code or include OpenGL or write a canvas library, show me your interest!

I am going to concentrate on communication and managing data, not because people want it, because I think it's magical.

Thank thee for taking your time, and read my story, about BLL
/Martin Andersson

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”BLL is not real, it's just Magic”

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